Marc Angelo "Gelo" Mangubat is a person who has proven that unorthodox thinking is a brilliant way to express creativity.  He strongly believed that in order to create a masterpiece, one must be crazy enough to look for an angle which no one has ever looked in to.

He was never afraid to share his talents and wisdom to anyone. Sharing his expertise (Photography, Digital editing, and Digital Marketing) to his colleagues, friends and students is the characteristic he is proud of, in which he never asked his trainees anything in return. Because of this, it helped him earn  respect and admiration.

Gelo also never grow tired of continuously learning.  His passion towards photography enabled him to master advanced photography. His Digital Career started when he was discovered  by a British SEO company after he graduated from college. This opportunity gave him advanced training on SEO using both Black and White-hat techniques. But the learning did not immediately stop with SEO, this learning  enabled him to pursue blogging. His goal is to have his name recognized by the Digital world.


Blogger| Photographer | Videographer | Gamer | Digital Marketer

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"Leave as a Legend, Live as a Legend"